Low Car Challenge - Ditch the pump in October, Save Money and Win Prizes

The October Low-Car Challenge

Drive alone less in October.
Save money on your commute.
Increase your chances to win prizes!
Register or log in, then log all trips in the Trip Diary beginning October 1st.

For every trip low-car trip you log in the Trip Diary during October, you'll earn bonus credits in our monthly Prize Raffle. Try a new mode of transportation in October to be entered into bonus drawings for prizes.

Log all Commute, Errand or Work/Meeting trips in the Trip Diary for a chance to win EXTRA prizes. Challenge others to use low-car modes of transportation (walk, bicycle, carpool/vanpool, transit, telecommute, Amtrak or motorcycle).

Every time you choose a low-car travel mode, you are improving our region's air quality, reducing traffic congestion, and saving money on gas and parking – when you drive alone less, everyone wins!

View current rankings for individuals and employers, or challenge a friend to a one-on-one competition to see who can log the most low-car trips.

Each week we will celebrate a different mode of low-car transportation so stay tuned for weekly updates throughout by checking your emails and liking our Facebook page.

Rideshare Week October 1-5
Walk Week October 6-12
Bike Week October 13-19
Try Transit Week October 20-26
Multimodal Transportation Week October 27-31

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Low-Car FAQs

  1. What is the October Low-Car Challenge?

    During the month of October, swap Drive Alone trips for other low-car modes (walking, biking, carpool, vanpool, transit, telecommute, motorcycle, or Amtrak). Bonus credits are awarded for Low-Car Trip Diary entries and special bonus prizes are awarded to those who try a new mode during the month. Join the competition to log the most low-car trips. Prizes are awarded at the end of the month.

  2. How do I participate?

    Log low-car (non-drive alone) trips in your Trip Diary in October to participate in the Low-Car Challenge. Use your credits to purchase tickets in the October prize raffle to be eligible to win gift cards and other prizes. All bonus credits from the month expire October 31st.

  3. How do Trip Diary credits work differently in October?

    Commute trips recorded on the Trip Diary earn double credits when a low-car (non-drive alone) mode is used. In October, Errand and Work/Meeting Trips will also earn credits. Points are awarded for all trips.

    All bonus points earned during October must be spent on the October prize raffle by October 31. They will expire and be erased from your account after October 31st.



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