Commute Cost Calculator

How much do you spend every year driving alone to work?  Could you be saving enough for a vacation trip, home improvement project, or holiday gifts?

Enter your own numbers and see what your true cost is.

Miles Driven

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1. Total annual miles driven miles
2. Total daily round-trip miles to work miles
3. Number of days worked per week days
4. Number of weeks worked per year weeks
5. Total annual miles to work miles

Gas/Parking Costs

6. Annual parking fees at work $
7. Gasoline cost per gallon $  
8. Vehicle miles per gallon
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9. Gasoline cost per mile $

Maintenance and Repair Costs

10. Annual vehicle maintenance
   (default statistic from AAA, 2016)
11. Maintenance costs per mile $  

Insurance, License and Registration Costs

12. Annual insurance cost $  
13. Annual registration / license fees $  
14. Insurance, registration, license cost per mile $  

Vehicle Depreciation

15. Vehicle's purchased price $
16. Projected trade-in value
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17. A. Years vehicle will be owned years
     B.  Annual depreciation rate $  
18. Depreciation cost per mile $